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After our first innovation to the paracord market with 3D printed stress reliefs, we set out to further improve the performance mouse cable.

Our Lethal Cables are thinner, more flexible, and most importantly, they are lighter. All of these contribute to what we like to call "nothingness". Despite the improvements to flexibility, there is still no issues with the cable getting under your mouse during use. This is attributed to our new rubber stress reliefs that actually function and bend to help with the longevity of the cable. 

Lethal Cables are mass produced to our exact specifications. It took 8 months and a lot of help from innovators in the industry to find a manufacturer who could facilitate what we were trying to accomplish. The result is a superior quality cable that features a nylon sheath, ferrite core and bead to help with EMI, and molded connectors. Due to them being mass produced, large quantities can be stocked to insure availability is as high as possible. 

Since our cables are thinner than your average paracord, each of our Lethal Cables comes with a small rubber adapter to fit it in your favorite mouse bungee. 

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