Vancer Castor Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse [PRE-ORDER OPEN UNTIL 5/15]

Color: Pink Black


The VANCER Gemini wireless gaming mouse series is the ultimate choice for gamers looking for top-of-the-line performance and comfort. The series includes two models, CASTOR and POLLUX, designed for different grip styles and hand shapes. With an ultra-lightweight design and unique skin-like coating, the Gemini series offers unparalleled comfort, control, and durability.

Equipped with the 3395 Performance Sensor and gold-plated USB Type-C connector, the Gemini series provides precise tracking and high-speed data transfer for the most demanding gaming environments. The innovative internal mold structure optimizes the shell of the mouse to reduce fatigue during long-term use. The skin-like coating ensures a delicate touch, easy cleaning, and sweat-friendly grip.

Spec Table:

Connectivity Wireless
Sensor 3395 Performance Sensor
Connector Gold-plated USB Type-C
Coating Unique skin-like coating
Internal mold structure Innovative design for reduced fatigue during long-term use
Weight ~56g
Grip styles CASTOR (symmetrical) and POLLUX (ergonomic) models available

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