Artisan FX Shidenkai - Mid - XL - Ninja Black [PRE-ORDER]
Artisan FX Shidenkai - Mid - XL - Ninja Black [PRE-ORDER]
Artisan FX Shidenkai - Mid - XL - Ninja Black [PRE-ORDER]
Artisan FX Shidenkai - Mid - XL - Ninja Black [PRE-ORDER]
Artisan FX Shidenkai - Mid - XL - Ninja Black [PRE-ORDER]
Artisan FX Shidenkai - Mid - XL - Ninja Black [PRE-ORDER]

Artisan FX Shidenkai - Mid - XL - Ninja Black [PRE-ORDER]

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Size: XL - 490x420x3mm

Sliding with less resistance specific to glass coating. The fastest initial movement and gliding of ARTISAN products. However, it is not solid like a glass plate. Because it is flexible, it is easier to stop than glass plates and resin plates. It is also recommended for users of games with a lot of mouse movement. A mouse pad with an unparalleled feel. It has the disadvantage of low durability. Nevertheless, it is a popular mouse pad with many enthusiastic fans.

| The world's only glass coating

It is not a glass plate. Fusion of cloth flexibility and glass gliding. It doesn't breaks in case of drop. It can also be rolled.

| Smooth touch

Smooth touch feeling like plastic surface. A surface of texture that is completely different from cloth.

| Ultra high speed initial and fast glide

ARTISAN Fastest glide. This pad is the same high-speed glide as resin.

| Make the fastest glide easier to handle

Since it is not a glass plate it is not solid like a resin. It bends like a cloth. This makes it easier to stop if compared with resin.

If you are a new user, we recommend that you keep things in mind below. Also note that 'SHIDENKAI' is a proven product that has been sold since 9 years ago.

[Advice for purchasing SHIDENKAI]
The surface of 'Shidenkai' is special. That sliding and stop is popular boiling. Users who prefer the characteristics of this surface and those who do not are clearly separated.

The special sliding which is unmatched in the world is very attractive. On the other hand, there are weaknesses. The coated glass beads are peeled off by intense mouse operation. Because the degree changes with use environment, it can not generally say.

※The powdery material that has been scraped off by friction is a ultra small glass beads or urethane of binder.
"not worried about hurting your hand." Please wipe it off.

It is one of the fastest deteriorating surfaces in ARTISAN's products. However, it is a very attractive slide for users who like this surface.

It is similar to a tire for motorsport that has high functionality but fast deterioration. There are many users who keep using it on knowing this characteristic. It is a very special surface.

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