Corepad Grips - Razer Naga / Naga Molten / Naga 2012 / Naga 2014 / Naga Chroma / Naga Epic / Naga Epic Chroma / Naga HEX / Naga HEX V2 / Naga Trinity / Naga PRO

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Thickness: 0.5 mm

Are you annoyed again because you lose control in the game at a crucial moment? Is your mouse just too smooth and slippery? Glossy or smooth surfaces look great, but often do not offer a good grip when playing or working for a long time.
Do you ALWAYS have no corepad grips? Get THE connection between hand and mouse.
Corepad Grips are precision-made grip stickers that are very easy to use - pull off - stick on - let's go!

1 Set Corepad Grips (3 pcs) for one application, 1 pc universal use DIY grip

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