X-raypad Mousepads
Now Available!

We have partnered up with X-raypad to sell their mousepads here in the US! This will result in lower overall cost for you, the customer! We do not have an exact date as to when they will launch so stay tuned!

We will be stocking the following mousepads at launch:
Equate - Black Galaxy
Equate Plus - Black and White Curve
Aqua Control Plus - ROB Strata

Each mousepad will be available in the following sizes:
XL - 450mm x 400mm x 3mm
XXL - 900mm x 400mm x 3mm

We will be offering more design and sizing choices moving forward. If you don't see the design or size you want then please contact us and let us know what you are looking for. We will use that feedback to directly influence what we stock!

SkyPAD Glass 2.0 - Black

The glass of the SkyPAD glass mousepad is made with a lace pattern, that is burnt into the glass itself, and can therefore not be worn out of the glass, not even with heavy use. This also means that the cleaning of the mousepad will be easier. Use the households preferred glass cleaner, run a cloth over it and the mousepad will be like new.
The rubber feet on the SkyPAD mousepad gives it a strong and nonslip grip to the table, making sure that the mousepad stays in place, even under fast movements, that might take place under heavy gaming.
The SkyPAD mousepad is 350 x 300 mm, and nearly impossible to scratch and completely solid. The super beautiful surface is impossible to wear out – This mousepad is for life.

Pro Paracord Cables

Our Pro Paracord cables are made with specialty 30 AWG silicone wiring that is design to be highly flexible while not getting underneath your mouse during use. Finish off your cable with one our exclusive 3D printed stress reliefs! They are made in house and are meant to keep a factory fresh aesthetic while simultaneously making the cable easier to install.
"No more heat shrink, no more flames, no more inconsistent installs" - BadSeed Tech

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